Кто вылечил

Кто вылечил

Переезд склада в Европу.
Реализуем препараты от гепатита С в России по закупочной цене - ликвидация склада
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Результаты (английский) 2:

1.vrach did everything possible to save the patient. 2 who cure you of this disease? Third made an appointment with Dr. Smith for two hours beforehand. 4Please make prescription drugs. 5 doctor wrote me a prescription without examining me. 6 It was a difficult case, and the doctor, and the doctor doubted that the patient will recover. 7 we felt relieved to hear that the patient is opasnosti.8 is no cure, but if you constantly consult with your doctor and follow his advice, you will be able to work long and fruitful. 9, it looked as though that’s going to faint. 10 you have a fever. you’d better measure temperature and take an aspirin

переводится, пожалуйста, подождите..

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